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We advise clients on the acquisition and disposal of a wide range of investment land and property opportunities, throughout the key locations in Cambodia.
The types of property we handle are listed below:

  • Land
  • Commercial Building
  • Offices Building
  • Warehouses, factories and industrial units
  • Shophouses
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Joint venture transactions


AMATAK deals with Buy/Sell/Rent/Lease For buying a property, we find out and show the properties which suit your requirements. If you like the property, other formalities will be carried out. We also give legal assistances for the buyer and the seller.

For selling a property, just give your property details to AMATAK PROPERTY SERVICE, we pass that information to our clients and find out suitable buyer for your property

For Rent/Lease, we provides property for rent depends on the client’s requirement. We establish a proper communication with tenant and the owner. All necessary information is passed to the owner and seeks approval of the owner before entering into an agreement. Almost all the procedure is same for lease agreement as well.


We are offering free properties consultant for both owner and investor which can help them to make the right decision.

Our teams are specialists in their field, drawing on industry knowledge, experience and current market trends to deliver accurate and useful advice to help you with your property needs.

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